Don’t Miss the Blessing!

I almost missed it!  My fabulous husband planned a trip to gorgeous Mammoth Lakes for my birthday, but the week leading up to it, the weather reports said it was going to be cold, rainy and snowing most of the time.  Not wanting waste money to get stuck indoors and being the sensible person that I am,  I suggested we cancel.  That disappointed my husband– a born optimist– but wanting to please me, he reluctantly agreed.  However, upon learning we’d only get a 50% refund, if we were lucky, we both decided we should just risk it and go.

Ha!  What greeted us was three days of glorious sunshine, blue skies, spectacular sights, and the most fun on the slopes I think we’ve ever had.

Oh, me of little faith!  Why did I doubt that the Lord would bless our getaway, since He knows our lives, how we rarely have the time for these escapes and how much we needed it.  So sorry, Lord….and thank you for the most glorious time away in this place of spectacular beauty!


  1. Glad you guys had a wonderful time!!

    • Thank you, Jeannie– we needed it!

  2. Not to mention the wonderful metaphor of snow blanketing the mountains and making everything pure and glistening white, so like God’s grace and righteousness for us in Christ.

    • That’s lovely, Carol! One ski-is better with a lighter heart, too 🙂

  3. Sometimes the glorious act of surrender comes into play as well. He has everything in the palm of his hand. You were reasonable. He was surrendered as a servant. God stepped in to reveal his grace through it all.

    • That’s so insightful and well put, Ralph! Praise Him!! Thanks, always, for your comments.

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