The Unexpected Adventure

Let’s face it: the words “cancer” and “adventure” hardly belong in the same sentence, but, after our experience this year, they just might.

We were informed that my husband’s particular type of bladder cancer would not respond to chemo.  This turned out to be a blessing as it forced us to explore alternative treatments. What we discovered was nothing short of amazing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen and Vitamin C Therapy
Cancer likes a low-oxygen environment and plentiful oxygen can destroy it.  High doses of intravenous vitamin C has also proven to kill cancer cells.  When the two are used in combination, the oxygen converts to hydrogen peroxide, sending an even deadlier blow to affected areas, while leaving normal cells unharmed.  This is unheard of with traditional treatments.

Twice a week for six weeks, we drove 85 miles roundtrip  to do this combined treatment.  My  husband would lay quietly in a Hyperbaric chamber (see photo above) where the 100% pure oxygen was delivered.  He was able to sleep, meditate or watch a movie for 90 minutes. Afterwards, he received two full bags of intravenous vitamin C while resting comfortably in an armchair.  No stress, no pain and all healthy stuff.

But, wait, there’s more!

Class IV Laser
Because of my husband’s surgery to remove a small tumor four months earlier, Class IV Laser Therapy was used in conjunction with the vitamin C and Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment.  Laser therapy sends near infrared light in the form of photons to the tumor or affected site causing the blood and lymphatic vessels to dilate.  This dilation makes the target area hyper receptive to Vitamin C and oxygen via the blood supply, which, in turn, hinders cancer growth.  It also increases circulation of the lymph system that helps eliminate toxicity in the body.  Eliminating toxins is hugely important and beneficial. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) 
Studies show that healthy tissue has an electric potential of around 110mV (millivolts) whereas tumor growth has an electric potential of approximately 25mV.  PEMPF therapy
applies a large magnetic field to affected areas interrupting the normal electrical communication between cancer cells, thus inhibiting tumor growth.  (It also has several other beneficial uses.)  

Quadruple Punch

The combination of these four treatments lasted about four hours.  My husband never experienced any negative side effects except a little fatigue, but this had more to do with squeezing the treatments into a hectic work schedule rather than with the therapies themselves.  In actual fact, the treatments were fortifying and helped boost his immune system.

But, wait, there’s still more!

We worked with two different doctors and treatment centers.  Both physicians knew and approved of the therapies each was administering and we believed there was wisdom in doing both.

Yes, it was a very intense six weeks!

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG)
Our final treatment was the BCG.  In some countries, BCG is used as a vaccine to provide protection against tuberculosis. It also is used to treat early-stage bladder cancer and prevent recurrences.  The fluid is administered into the bladder via a catheter and causes inflammation of the bladder walls. The inflammation stimulates the bladder’s own an immune response so it can destroy the cancer cells within.  My husband did this treatment every Friday for six weeks.

Good Nutrition
We cannot overstate the importance of the right nutrition when dealing with cancer. Nutrition has played a huge role in keeping up my husband’s vitality and strength throughout this season of healing.  We’re convinced that it’s also helping reverse the causes and conditions that led the cancer in the first place. He’s also shed a few pounds in the process.  (For more information on our nutrition regime, please see the related links below.)

Spiritual Therapy
Our faith in God, as well as the encouragement and prayers from friends and family have contributed in profoundly meaningful ways throughout this ordeal.  Indeed, we feel that, in many ways, we’ve been carried on the wings of eagles.  We celebrate and honor you beyond what words can express! 

The Results
After the six weeks of therapies, we had to wait six more weeks for the treatments to run their course.  So, we took a much-needed vacation to Mexico to rest for a few days– with varying degrees of success! (see previous blogpost titled “Sleepless in Mexico.”)

Then, in mid December, my husband had his third biopsy.  It required a full anesthetic, but he was in and out of the hospital the same day. To the naked eye, his bladder looked completely normal– yay!– but the lab results in early January will tell us the full story.  We’re trusting for good news!

Everything we’ve learned that can be of help to others, we freely share here.  We profit in no way from this.  If you have questions, thoughts, feelings, stories, insights, please write them in the comment box below for all to read and I’ll do my best to answer every one, as well.

God bless you and Happy New Year to one and all !


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  1. We are praying and trusting the Lord for good news for Russell’s health.
    Thank you for the calendar and wishing you both a blessed 2013 year ahead!

    • Thank you, Susanna! We just got the news today that he is cancer free!!! All the lab results came back negative!!!
      We are rejoicing!!! Thank you for your marvelous prayers and support. Love to you both!!!

  2. This is extraordinary news! Praise God! I’m sending this post to all my friends who are facing similar trials. May the word get out that there are alternative therapies that work. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    • So pleased to hear that you found this helpful enough to share with others. That’s exactly what these posts are intended for. I pray your friends find useful resources here for their own healing journeys. Thank you, Carol!

  3. Wonderful News that Russ is healed! I can see a big difference in his skin. He just ‘looks’ healthier. God has given us foods that heal and there are natural alternatives too. Praising God with you for this wonderful healing!!

    • Thank you, Jean! We are overjoyed…deliriously happy…thanking God day and night!!

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