Touched by the Spirit

One morning just a few weeks ago, I was driving to work. You know the drill: traffic, congestion, stress…an ordinary day, and the radio was on. Suddenly, a piece of music began playing.  The sounds were so exquisite and it was  as if the Divine had invaded the ordinary right there in my car.
I think every cell in my body was vibrating. Later that morning, I tracked down the composer.  And so, I give “Light and Gold” by Eric Whitacre. May it bless your socks off.

If you like this artwork featured in some of my posts, it’s Scottish artist Ruth Palmer. Her abstracts are as transcendent as Eric’s music — I get lost in them. Here’s Ruth:

Lastly, if you love the sounds of really fine rock and roll, check out Danny Liston.


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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Watched the video of Eric White describing his music. It certainly is magical… and Ruth and Danny are quite special too.
    Blessings, Jean

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