Why We Should Trust God

The Pearl Necklace

Once there was a little girl with a plastic pearl necklace.  She loved this necklace dearly.  One day her father asked her if she loved him.  She replied, “Daddy, of course I love you!” He then asked, “Will you give me your pearl necklace?”  The little girl clutched the necklace tightly and said, “Oh, no Daddy, not my pearl necklace!”

The father went away sad.  A few days laterhe asked again.  “Honey, do you love me?”  The little girl exclaimed, “Daddy!  You know I love you!”  He held out his hand and said, “Then, will  you give me your necklace?”  She tightly pressed her pearls to her chest, and said, “Daddy, no!  Not my pearl necklace.”

Once again, the father walked away very sad.  Some days later, he returned and asked a third time, “Sweetheart, do you love me?”  The little girl exclaimed, “Oh, Daddy, you know I love you very much!”  The father stretched out his hand. “Will you give me your necklace?”  Crocodile tears rolled down the little girl’s cheeks. Very slowly, she opened her little fist.  “Yes, Daddy,” she whispered, “You can have it.”  And she gently handed over the pearl necklace.

“Oh, my precious!” The father picked her up in his arms and hugged her tightly. “I love you so much!” Then, putting her down and pulled out a wrapped box. “What’s this?” she asked with eyes still full of tears. “Open it and see,”  he said.

The little girl carefully took off the wrapping and opened the box. It contained the most beautiful string of glistening real pearls. “These are for you,” said her father. “I’ve just been waiting for you to trust me enough so I could give them to you.”

What are you holding onto today that God is asking you to lay down?  Trust Him, for in exchange what He is waiting to give you is of eternal value, more precious than pure gold, in addition to the blessings of a truly fulfilling life.  What are you waiting for?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5) 



  1. Marion,
    While reading this story my eyes immediately began to fill up. I felt a connection with the little girls need to hold on. I realize I need to let go daily. Isn’t He wonderful! And
    Thank you for sharing your passion through the blog. It is a light in the world.
    My Best and Blessing to you,

    • Aren’t stories powerful to help us grow in trust of God…how wonderful the Spirit reached out and touched you. Thanks for sharing that, Cece.

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